Articles written, published, or in the works


“Towards optimizing online course spaces on the Moodle Learning Content Management System at Joseph Ki-Zerbo University, Burkina Faso” Master 2 thesis, 2022. [EN]

Narrative-style Master's thesis about the creation, organization, and maintenance training and data collection for the newly established Moodle platform in Burkina Faso.

“Analyse d'un corpus apprenant et rapport de stage” Master 1 thesis, 2021. [FR]

Master 1 thesis in two parts: error analysis of an ESL speaker in an interview, followed by a mini-thesis about the ESL teacher internship I created and directed at my workplace, with implications for future internships and course design discussions.

“L’amour homosexuel depuis la Révolution française dans la littérature française” 
Bachelor's Thesis, 2018. [FR]

Literature- and cinema-based analysis of the transformation of the LGBT status in French politics, culture, architecture, society, and school. Includes a comprehensive linguistic corpus of gendered nouns in the Appendices. This work was a precursor to my article on “Teaching LGBT narratives in the ESL classroom,” readable in the section below.

“Teaching LGBT Narratives in TESOL environments”


2018 research article and literature compilation on LGBT narrative-based learning. Written, visual, and performance-based narratives are studied, and andragogical adaptations are given.

“Destroying the Monotony of the Metronome: My Teaching Philosophy”

My 2017 teaching philosophy with its four main tenets: connections, differentiation, open-air,

and cultural opportunities. I would add, five years after having written it, a fifth tenet: reflections

“Popcorn and War: How Armed Turkish Conflict Influenced Turkish New Cinema”

What started as an awe for Nuri Bilgi Ceylan's films led to this 2016 article on the connections between politics and art films. 


Personal Articles


Sur l’évolution de l’expérience pédagogique numérique
et des plateformes numériques d’apprentissage

A 2022 French research article on the connections between information technologies and instructional design.


Works in Progress


Doctoral dissertation: “Dare to assert oneself in foreign languages: Confidence and self-determination in language learning through inverted course design”

Brendan Geer, October 2025.

Inspirer le cœur linguistique d'un enfant : comment les colonies de vacances bilingues éveillent une confiance en soi pour maîtriser naturellement des langues étrangères 

Brendan Geer, September 2022